Category: Christmas Plugin & Music Tech Deals 2019

It’s time for PLUGIN.DEALS Christmas Plugin & Music Tech Deals 2019.

Every November/December there is a veritable flood of music tech deals. Now the audio production world has arrived fully at this time. During these two cold months, you can be more in the studio but also benefit from major discounts on music tech products.

Christmas Plugin Deals

Many companies are already offering significant discounts on music tech products. 

To save time and way, here are all the Christmas Plugin & Music Tech Deals that are relevant this year at a glance. The list features all Black Friday Tech Deals for audio plugins (synthesizers, effects, mastering, mixing) (VST/AU/AAX), sample libraries (Kontakt 5…), synth presets, apps, books, audio accessory and more you need to know. 

So do not say I did not tell you that you can save a lot during these days. Better make a good deal now, like paying two or three times later. In this sense, happy Christmas Holidays from PLUGIN.DEALS, have a lot of fun and be creative with your audio tools.

Full disclosure: some of the links on PLUGIN.DEALS are affiliate/partner links. Making a purchase with these links will support SYNTH ANATOMY & Plugin.Deals. Thank you for your support. 

iZotope Nice Bundle80% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Soundtoys Holiday Sale75% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
iZotope Naughty Bundle72% OFF PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Softube End Of Year Sale54% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
W.A Production ImPerfect Synth 85% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/02/2020
Soundtoys Little MicroShift Flash Sale91% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique20/12/2020
iZotope Everything Upgrade Bundle Sale84% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope Everything Bundle Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope Naughty Bundle 72% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope Nice Bundle 80% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope Crossgrade Sale 80% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope The Standard Bundle65% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Arturia Pigments 2 50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
iZotope Upgrade Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle Crossgrade71% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Audiority End Of Year 79% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
W.A Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle92% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
Air Music Xpand!2 Sale95% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
KV331 Audio Synthmaster Winter Sale52% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Denise End Of Year 68% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
Big Fish Audio X-Mas40% OFF (Up To)Kontakt Library
Plugin Boutique27/12/2019
SoundSpot Union 95% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
Wave Alchemy Complete Drum 2 80% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
AAS Holiday Sale 52% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique22/01/2020
Zynaptiq Pitchmap Sale 75% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique16/12/2019
Producertech Producer’s Guide to Scale Sale53% OFFTutorialPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Presonus Studio One 4 10th Anniversary Sale
33% OFF (Up To)DAWPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Glitchmachines Palindrome 87% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
Audiofied ToneSpot Voice Pro Intro Sale
50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique24/12/2019
Accusonus End Of Year Sale 73% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
McDSP Holiday Sale76% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
Loopmasters KHORDS Bundle 50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Loopmasters KHORDS40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Loopmasters KHORDS Expansion Pack Bundle40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Loopmasters Bass Master 50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Loopmasters Bass Master Bundle 60% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Loopmasters Bass Master Expansion Pack 50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music TheRiser 87% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music Boom Sale 95% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
FXpansion Holiday Sale 40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
W.A Production Venom 80% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique14/01/2020
SoniVOX Film Score Companion Sale 87% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Initial Audio End Of Year Sale86% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
Kuassa Holiday Sale 64% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Positive Grid Holiday Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique25/12/2019
AudioThing Holiday Plugin Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
AudioThing Frostbite 2 Intro Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
Baby Audio Super VHS Intro Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
Glitchmachines Sound-Designer Bundle94% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Bitwig End of Year 21% OFFDAWPlugin Boutique08/01/2020
Soundiron Bundles80% OFFKontakt LibraryNative Instruments29/12/2019
Air Music AIEP 3 Complete Upgrade Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
AudioThing Plugin Bundles 15% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
SoundSpot Diverge Synth Preset Sale70% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Plugin Sale91% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Rob Papen End Of Year Sale20% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique02/01/2020
W.A Production MIDIQ Intro Sale80% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
AudioThing Kontakt Sale70% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
SONiVOX Premier Collection Sale85% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Sale76% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique31/01/2020
SoundSpot Sale94% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7.5 20% OFFApplicationPlugin Boutique23/12/2019
SoundSpot Sale 96% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music Hybrid 3 Sale88% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music Vacuum Sale91% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music Loom Sale84% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Sound Yeti Collision FX40% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Air Music Sale87% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Found Sound Sample Pack Sale90% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
SONiVOX Singles Sale65% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Sci-Fi Sample Packs Holiday Sale 91% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Holiday Plugin Bundle Sale94% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Plugin Boutique Sylenth Preset Pack Sale67% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Akai VIP Standard Sale88% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Holiday Plugin Sale90% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Plugin Boutique Sylenth1 Preset Pack67% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Future Audio Workshop Sublab Pack Bundle38% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Glitchmachines Sound FX Bundle Sale92% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Digital Brain Instruments Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/02/2020
Air Music Preset Sale 50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Audiority Omnisphere Total Bundle Sale50% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique07/01/2020
Toontrack EZX Sale40% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Toontrack SDX Sale40% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Toontrack New York Studios SDX Bundle Sale20% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Toontrack EZmix 6 Pack Bundle Sale33% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Toontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Sale32% OFFSoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Toontrack EZDrummer Bundles 33% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePlugin Boutique01/01/2020
sonible end of year sale74% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique31/01/2020
Loopcloud50% OFFSubscriptionLoopcloud-
Softube Holiday Sale 67% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique31/01/2020
Zynaptiq Winter Bundle Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Soundtoys Devil-Loc Flash Sale90% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique27/12/2019
Polyverse Holiday Sale40% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique24/12/2019
Leapwing Audio Holiday Sale20% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique04/01/2020
Divergent Audio Group Intro Sale70% OFF (Up To)Kontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique20/01/2020
D16 Group Winter Sale31% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique
W.A Production X-Mas Bundle 92% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique14/01/2020
Cinematique Instruments Holiday Sale30% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique27/12/2019
Audified ToneSpot Voice Express Intro Sale
60% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique11/01/2020
Blue Cat Audio Holiday Sale 50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique11/01/2020
Kirnu Interactive Cream Holiday Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
ThePhonoloop Holiday Sale25% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique04/01/2020
Soundiron Winter Sale40% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique05/01/2020
Boz Digital Labs BF Sale73% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
SturmSounds Electro Winter Sale51% OFF (Up To)Kontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Kuassa EFEKTOR RV3604 Reverb Intro Sale43% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique18/01/2020
Singomakers Holiday Plugin Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique07/01/2020
Resonance Sound CFA Plugins Winter Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique08/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Mix Bundle Sale89% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Creative Bundle Sale95% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Control Bundle Sale92% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Mastering Bundle Sale89% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
BeatSkillz Holiday Sale60% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique11/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Mix Bundle Crossgrade Sale 93% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Mastering Bundle Crossgrade Sale92% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Creative Bundle Crossgrade Sale97% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
SoundSpot Christmas Control Bundle Crossgrade Sale95% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
Gforce Software Oddity266% OFFPluginGforce Software25/12/2019
Gforce Software Minimonsta 66% OFFPluginGforce Software25/12/2019
Gforce Software impOSCar66% OFFPluginGforce Software25/12/2019
Best Service The Orchestra40,13% OFFSoundwareThomann-
Relab Development40% OFF (Up To)PluginRelab Development-
Soniccouture Sale50% OFF (Up To)Kontakt LibrariesThomann-
Ueberschall Sale50% OFF (Up To)=SoundwareThomann-
Epic Sound Lab The Forge 77% OFFKontakt LibrariesVST Buzz31/12/2019
Diginoiz Subdivine60% OFFPluginVST Buzz24/12/2019
Rast Sound World Colors Collection78% OFFSoundwareAudio Plugin Deals25/12/2019
IK Multimedia Black 76 Limiting AmplifierFreePluginAPD24/12/2019
IK Multimedia Stocking Stuffer Krazy Deal60% OFF PluginIK Multimedia 31/12/2019
IK Multimedia Happy Holi-deals Sale60% OFF (Up To)PluginIK Multimedia31/12/2019
Avid Holiday Sale15% OFFDAWPluginfox31/12/2019
Avid Reinstatements Holiday Sale40% OFF (Up To)DAWPluginfox31/12/2019
Avid Sibelius Updates Holiday Sale50% OFF (Up To)DAWPluginfox31/12/2019
AyaicWare Holiday Sale30% OFFPluginPluginfox31/12/2019
EastWest Sounds60% OFF MSRP (Up To)PluginPluginfox31/12/2019
Magix 50% OFF (Up To)ApplicationPluginfox02/01/2020
Metric Halo78% OFF (Up To)PluginPluginfox31/12/2019
Reason Rack Extension Sale 70% OFF (Up To)PluginReason Studios31/12/2019
Waves Holiday Sale50% OFF +PluginWaves31/12/2019
Plugin Alliance50% OFF +PluginPlugin Alliance31/12/2019
Sample Logic Holiday Sale25% OFF Kontakt LibrarySample Logic 24/12/2019
Novation Circuit Mono Station50% OFFHardwareThomann31/12/2019
Spitfire Audio Christmas Wish List Sale65% OFF (Up To)Plugin
Kontakt Library
Spitfire Audio24/12/2019
Newloops Christmas Sale70% OFF (Up To)SoundwareNewloops31/12/2019
Steinberg End Of Year Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginSteinberg06/01/2020
Softube OTO Biscuit & Monoment Bass60% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Audiomodern Atom 250% OFFKontakt LibraryPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Sugar Bytes Factory Synth & Guitarist57% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Plugin Boutique Scaler37% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Plugin Boutique Scaler Bundle42% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Plugin Boutique Scaler Advanced Bundle48% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Holiday Sale39% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
Sugar Bytes Holiday Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique03/01/2020
Wide Blue Sound Intro Sale53% OFF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique06/01/2020
UJAM Virtual Drummer & Bassist X-Mas Sale40% OF (Up To)PluginPlugin Boutique01/01/2020
Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Sale50% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique13/01/2020
Stagecraft MadMod Holiday Sale85% OFFPluginPlugin Boutique20/01/2020
Synchro Arts40% OFF (Up To)PluginPluginfox31/12/2019
Synthogy Holiday Sale$50 OFFPluginPluginfox31/12/2019
Tracktion Holiday Sale50% OFFDAWTracktion08/01/2020
VI Labs Holiday Sale35% OFFSoundwarePluginfox31/12/2019
VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda50% OFFSoundwarePluginfox31/12/2019
VSL Vienna Smart Hits28% OFFSoundwarePluginfox31/12/2019
VSL Bosendorfer Upright24% OFFSoundwarePluginfox31/12/2019
VSL Solo Strings & Small String Ensembles30% OFFSoundwarePluginfox31/12/2019