97% OFF (Up To) Waves Audio Plugins (Synths, Effects, Mixing & Mastering)

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The Reverb.com Waves Audio no-brainer sale just started. It includes a selection of Waves Audio plugins including Synthesizers, effects, mixing and effects. The quantities are limited so first come first serve.

Reverb.com Waves Audio

It Includes (First Come First Serve)

  • SSL E-Channel (93% OFF)
  • SSL-G Channel (93% OFF)
  • L3 Multimaximizer (86% OFF)
  • L13 – 16 Multimaximizer (97% OFF)
  • CLA-3A Compressor (97% OFF)
  • Greg Wells VoiceCentric (88% OFF)
  • NX – Virtual Mix Room Over Headphones (81% OFF)
  • Signature Series Bass & Drums Collection (96% OFF)
  • Vitamin Sonic Enhancer (89% OFF)
  • Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth (85% OFF)
  • Tune (93% OFF)
  • UM225/UM226 (81% OFF)
  • V-EQ4 (81% OFF)
  • Classic Compressor Bundle (Vocals, Drums, Mix & Learning) (96% OFF)

The Reverb.com Waves Audio sale doesn’t expire but it is limited in quantities. So first come first serve.

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